We answer some of your most burning questions. Otherwise please feel free to WhatsApp us on 021 531 2221. Yes, it is also a WhatsApp number!

Spares & Services

How long?
Turnaround is between 1 – 2 working days on average

How much?
Starts from R50, our minimum service charge.

I have something different.
We love different, feel free to bring it to our attention.

What do you mean sludge?
Sludge is an anti-puncture solution that resolves most minor punctures that we inject into the tubes. No, it doesn’t add any significant weight to the bike.

What is that R80 leeway? Must I pay upfront?
We ask that you allow an R80 leeway for small parts we might need to use during the repair so we don’t have to bug you with that R5 bolt we need. Anything else, we communicate with you first. And no, you do not need to pay upfront, we might not even need it.

I don’t like being judged for not knowing my bike.
Trust us, we are still learning ourselves.

Online purchases

What’s the ‘Buy Now’ button about?
It is an online payment function that you can use should you prefer to purchase any of the bikes online using your credit card.

Is it safe?
Absolutely, we work with Yoco, who ensure all your credit card details are safe, just like your usual online purchases elsewhere.

How long before I get my goodies?
Once payment reflects (which is normally immediate) we will be in contact and let you know but let’s work with 1 – 7 (rare) working days.

Do you deliver?
If you are based in Pinelands, we can definitely make a plan! Please chat to us if you are outside Pinelands, a small delivery fee might apply.

What if you are out of stock?
We will offer you a suitable substitute, but only after getting your permission. Refund is possible or you can also purchase something else.

I changed my mind.
It’s perfectly human, all we ask for is that you let us know as soon as you can; we are a small business and so we try to minimise cash tied with stocks.

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